FWS provides a tailored Health & Safety  to client companies. Typical services include:

  • Safety statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Company H&S policies
  • Company H&S Audits
  • Ongoing management of H&S systems and maintenance
  • H&S training

The majority of successful dynamic companies concentrate their resources on their core business.

FWS help companies to efficiently manage their Health and Safety requirement ensuring critical items are not overlooked and providing safe  work area   for employees and visitors.

Benefits of the Service

  • Lower costs due to less accidents, absenteeism and a robust H&S system can reduce insurance costs.
  • Safer Working environment
  • Peace of mind for managers and Directors who are responsible for company H&S
  • Reduced management time
  • Ensure the company is kept  up to date on legislation changes
  • It is a legal requirement for the companies to have a safety statement and actively 'manage' their responsibilities

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